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Internal – Do your employees know what's going on? Are your branch and relationship managers up to speed on what's happening at headquarters? Your employees are your frontline to your customers. Make sure they're prepared to be your best spokesmen and women. Employee communications is a critical component to developing an integrated marketing plan. The BrandBank can develop an internal program that reaches your internal audiences consistently and effectively.

External – How often are you in front of your customers and prospects? Is it regular and consistent? What's the best way to reach them? Have you asked them? Have you measured your marketing's effectiveness? Even in tough times, your business has to be out there, in front of your customers, supporting your brand and showing how you make a difference for them. The BrandBank can be a valuable partner when designing and executing your external communications strategies.

Public/Media Relations – When was the last time you proactively contacted the media? Have you ever developed relationships with various members of the media? If you don't, you should. One day you'll need friends in the media so you'd better start now. The best companies understand this and spend the time and resources to cultivate these relationships. So when it's time to launch that new initiative or product offering, you have a resource to turn to for some free publicity.

Crisis Communications – Bad things happen. It's inevitable. The question is, are you ready when they do? Most companies don't adequately prepare themselves for bad news. And they really don't know what to do when a reporter calls. The BrandBank will help put together a crisis communication plan that ensures your first response to your major audiences is thoughtful, timely and appropriate.

Advertising – Traditionally, advertising has been the biggest marketing expense for banks. Bankers generally feel compelled to keep up with the other banks in town that happen to be advertising their latest offerings. The BrandBank believes times have changed and that your advertising should, too. Sure, some customers are chasing rate but a majority are not. They are looking for a banking relationship – someone who will stick by them and listen to them when they have a question. You have so much more to offer than 10 basis points. Isn't it time you told them what else you can do for them?