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Virtual Marketing Team
Most businesses today are looking for ways to save money, especially in the area of marketing. They know they can’t do without it altogether but they’re faced with difficult decisions on eliminating marketing positions, program spending and advertising campaigns.

Thanks to The BrandBank’s Virtual Marketing Team (VMT), banks can tap into a team of marketing professionals instead of adding employees. Our VMT provides access to experienced, seasoned marketing professionals without having to recruit, hire, train and pay fulltime staff who might not work out in the end.

VMT is a cost-effective, efficient way to ensure successful execution in all of your marketing endeavors, including product launches, Web site design and management, direct mail, advertising, collateral development, public relations and client communications.

The BrandBank is not a temp agency. It offers VMT as an outsourced solution for companies that don’t have or can’t afford seasoned marketing professionals on staff. Work is managed and executed by experienced marketing experts who have done it before – for decades – and not by junior temporary hires. The VMT can be used on a project basis or on a monthly retainer.